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2-Day Workshop: Nous Vous – Exercises in Illustration


Nous Vous are three-man collective made up of Jay CoverWilliam Luz and Nicolas Burrows who collaborate on a broad range of projects including illustration, graphic design, exhibitions, curatorial work, publishing and teaching.

Hey gang, can you tell us a bit about your workshop?
The workshop was based around collaborative self publishing, co-authorship and making without over thinking.

What did you hope participants would take away from the experience?
Hopefully strategies to unstick yourself from stalled projects and a reawakening of the joy of just creating things for the purpose of having fun creating things.

Was there anything which you feel was particularly challenging?
Getting people to overcome the fear of being quite intuitive with pens, a pencil and some paper. Arts education at present can often emphasis concept over creation and sometimes shaking people out of that can take some time and encouragement.

Was there anything which surprised you during the process?
Working with new people is always surprising and fun.

How do you feel it went?
There were some great books made and we think it went well!

Do you think that running the workshop helped you develop your own practice?
It’s always a pleasant change to give a workshop like this as it’s as much a reminder to us to simply enjoy making things and meeting people through this process as it hopefully is for people taking part.

Nous Vous:


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