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2016 Shortlist

The following entrants have been selected to show their submitted posters at GDFS International Poster Exhibition in Scotland’s National Centre for Design and Architecture, The Lighthouse. The posters will be exhibited from GDFS’ Launch Night on 21st October until 25th November 2015. The exhibition is free to attend and will be open from 10.30am-5pm Monday–Sunday.

We would like to thank everybody who entered and our judges, Etienne Hervy, Unfun, Lamm & Kirch and Warriors Studio. A huge congratulations to each one of you on the shortlist, with 3443 entries from 72 countries, this is a fantastic achievement! The 3 winners will be announced at the exhibition opening and Launch Night on the 21st October.


Ad van Halteren
Alberto Moreu
Alberto Moreu, Piero di Biase
Al White
Anders Bakken
Andrea Guccini
Andrea Saccavini
Andreas Kunkel
Andrew Johnston and Craig Adams
Anja Kaiser
Anna Beil
Antoine Beauvois
Anton Gudkov
Antonia Terhedebrügge and Steffen Knöll
Ashleigh Robertson
Audrey Quaranta
Baptiste Carin
Baptiste Kucharski
Bartsch, Grimberg, Schönbuchner
Benjamin Wurster
Biba Kosmer
Boyd Koers
Braulio Amado
Bureau Collective
Bureau Progressiv
Caitlin Berner
Catharina Grözinger, Shuaitong Zong, Massimiliano Audretsch
Chau Luong
Choong Ho Lee
Christian Lindermann
Christian Nicolaus and Kahyan Mac
Christof Nuessli
Christophe Gaudard
Dafi Kühne
David Voss
Deokhyeon Hwang
Edgar Bak
Ekaterina Yumasheva
Elise Rigollet
Emmanuel Crivelli & David Berguglia
Emma Verhulst
Fabian Krauss, Jonathan Auch und Steffen Knöll
Felix Kosok
Florian Frenzel
Gilbert Schneider & Timm Henger
Goo-Ryong Kang
Guido Dal Prà
Hirn Faust Auge, Jakob Maurer, Max Edelberg
Ines Cox
Irina Ivanova
Isabel Seiffert / Christoph Miler (Offshore Press)
Jake Goodall
Jaroslaw Kubiak, Benjamin Buchegger
Jeonghoon Han
Jim Kühnel
Jisuke Matsuda
Jiwoo HAN / Hyewon KIM
Joana Maria Pestana
Joel Alexandre Lopes Fernandes
Johannes Breyer
Jonas Zieher
Jonas Zieher / Maximilian Haslauer / Silvio Rebholz
Jurgen Maelfeyt
Kahyan Mac
Kamil Lach
Katerina Yumasheva
Knoth & Renner
Koos Breen
Kostya Bogach
Lee Sanha
Liam Richardson
Lieselot Coenen
Lisa Hartje Moura
Lisa Petersen, Lea Sievertsen, Sarah Fricke
Li Zhenyang
Longfei Nie
Loris Pernoux
Lucas Liccini/Elias Hanzer
Luuk Janssens
Mado Klümper
Mahmud Sahan
Marie-Anne Mohanna
Marius Jopen
Mark Bohle
Mark Bohle & Raffael Kormann
Mark Julien Hahn
Martin Denker
Marvin Boiko
Mary Egorova
Mary Ponomareva
Maximilian Haslauer
Maximilian Mauracher
Max Senden
Mhorag McDougall
Munsch Charlotte
Nam Huynh
Napisa Leelasuphapong
Nathalia Pedro Cury
Nedelka & Báchor
Nejc Prah
Nejc Prah
Neo Neo (Thuy-An Hoang & Xavier Erni)
Nicolas Guillerminet
Nico Verhaegen
Niels Otterman
Nikola Hoření
Ohyun Kwon
Othman Kadhour
Pascal Altszeimer
Paula Minelgaite
Peter Bonomi
Przemysław Hoffer
Quiet Propaganda Studio
Raffael Kormann
Raoul Gottschling
Raül Maldonado Periago
Rebecca McPherson
Redwan El-Harrak
Riccardo Baggio
Richard Niessen
Richy Lamb
Robert Radziejewski
Ruohan Wang
Sara Risvåg & Sepus Noordmans
Sascha Krischock
Sascia Reibel
Sean Suchara
Seungtae Kim
Shunryo Yamanaka
Siyu Mao
Stefan Thorsteinsson
Steffen Knöll
Stephan Idé
Strobo Berlin München
Studio Calm & Collected
Studio Mut
studio VIE
Suzanne Bakkum
Sven Tillack
Tamara Wirth
Tara Masterson Hally
Tereza Ruller
Thomas Pohl
Tim Lindacher
Timm Henger
Timo Lenzen
Tingjin Shi
Tomas Laar
Tom Joyes
Tuomas Lehtomaa
Ward Heirwegh
Yanik Hauschild
Yiu Hoi Lun
You, Hyeon Sun
A3 Studio (Yvo Hählen / Priscilla Balmer)
Zhu Dongyu


Posters act as a simple vehicle for communication and have provided a powerful framework for political agendas, War propaganda and the dissemination of public information, alongside being used as tools to sell commercial goods and services for centuries. However outwith their functional existence, they provide a canvas for millions of designers around the world.

This competitions aims to showcase and celebrate contemporary poster design from around the world.

The 200 entries most highly rated by the jury will be exhibited in Scotland’s National Centre for Design & Architecture, The Lighthouse between the 22nd October 2016 – 25th November 2016 and the top 3 winners will be awarded cash prizes.

Key Dates

18.05.16 –Competition Opens

20.08.16 – Competition Closes – All digital submissions must be received by midnight.

27.08.16 – Stage 1: Participants being considered for the exhibition will be contacted to submit physical posters for second round of  judging

21.09.16 – Stage 2: All names of shortlisted participants who will feature in exhibition will be publicised on website. (We are still waiting for a number of submissions. Please check back at the end of next week when we hope to have received and reviewed all submissions. Thank you for your patience and good luck!)

21.10.16 – Competition winners will be announced at exhibition opening. We hope to see you there!


1. You submit your poster(s) digitally
2. All digital submissions reviewed
3. We request posters to be considered for final exhibition
4. Jury curate final posters for exhibition from those requested
5. Authors of posters to be included in final exhibition announced
6. 200 posters most highly rated by jury will be exhibited throughout GDFS and the following month and included in the printed poster catalogue
7. Digital gallery of posters published following exhibition


– The brief is open.

– Submissions may be created specifically for the competition, for a client or as self promotion.

– A maximum of 3 posters may be entered per participant. The competition is open to both students and professionals.

– The posters will be judged on their content, concept, and delivery, and value will be placed on design work which:

– Alters perceptions or ways of thinking
– Offers creative solutions to problems
– Contributes to discussion on current affairs
– Opens dialogue and provokes discussion for debate
– Makes innovative use of media or medium


1st Place: £500
2nd Place: £300
3rd Place: £100


Lamm & Kirch
Étienne Hervy
Warriors Studio


Digital Entry: Maximum 5mb

Physical Entry: A1 or equivalent

Proudly in partnership with