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2-Day Workshop: Design Displacement Group – Digital vs. Archaic


DDG was set up as an international initiative known as The Design Displacement Group with the intention of approaching modern design in new and unusual ways.

The group consists of sixteen members collaborating in shifting constellations across a range of projects that take form through commissioned client projects, self-initiated works and open-form workshops.

DDG introduce workshop participants to their ‘post-signature’ working method and question:

“What extent has productivity become a measure of our everyday life as citizens/designers?”

“Today, our practises as designers merge social relations, spiritual need and communal activities within our everyday work. We actually don’t know if we are living or working.”

DDG observe companies attempt to merge their employees work and social lives, elimating boundaries between work and play in an attempt to boost productivity and increase their employee’s capabilities.

“What could this mean for you and your (working/living) life?”

The workshop team is divided into two groups to “join a conditional game, oscillating between production processes concerned with the ‘digital’ and the ‘archaic’.” through excercises, challenges and process activities.

The workshop output was resolved with work from both sides (digital and archaic) being collated and battled against one another through an algorithm generated video piece.

Which side won?


Design Displacement Group:


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