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Contribute to our 2016 Identity

What’s this all about?

GDFS’ identity changes each year to reflect the changes, progress, and growth of the festival as well as providing a platform to experiment and reflect the progressive ethos.

The identity for GDFS 2016 was designed by Warriors Studio and Freytag Anderson:

“We want to create something which is more than a functional identification tool for the festival, but something which is living, evolving and can represent the raw energy and creativity that the festival provides.” – Warriors Studio

The focus of this years identity includes process, collaboration and the dialogue which unfolds as ideas are developed and visualised:

“The Festival itself is a place for design and creative expression and experimentation of ideas, so the identity should be about capturing that very same process.” – Freytag Anderson

Where do you come in?

As an extension of this collaborative process, we invite you to participate and create your 2016 poster.

We have provided the source files of the poster for you to work with.

Please read the brief and guidelines, download the files, design your poster and when complete upload it to be included in the gallery.

Once your poster has been uploaded, a member of the GDFS team must review it before it is posted in the gallery.

All posters submitted will be considered for inclusion in the final print run and if your work is to be included in the final run, we will contact you for the packaged file.

We can’t wait to see your response and thanks for your collaboration!


Try to capture your own perception of collaboration and visualise your own processes. If in doubt, please re-read ‘What’s this all about?’

Consider visualising:

  • The marriage of new ideas
  • The friction between opposing directions
  • The strength of united experience
  • The agility of combined skills
  • The clashing of opinions
  • The on-going dialogue when collaborating
  • The power of multiple creative minds


  • Poster must be A3 using the base idml file provided
  • No visual material out with the provided files can be used
  • the size and orientation of the text:

“Graphic Design Festival Scotland”
“17th–23rd October 2016”
“The Lighthouse
11 Mitchell Lane
G1 3NU”
cannot be altered and must be positioned within the 4 column grid, aligned to the left.

Poster Files

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