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Conference and Panel Discussion


Stories, personal experiences, advice, insights and a behind the scenes peek at unreleased work.

We welcomed Nous Vous, Grilli Type, Wieden+Kennedy, Design Displacement Group, Putput and Koto to our 2016 conference and panel discussion.

Thierry Blancpain of Grilli Type explains how they use animation as a way of exploring and explaining type design.

The animations are used across mini-sites developed to promote the release of each typeface. Thierry explains that these also bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to what can be a long process when designing a complete typeface.

Putput quote Jai Masel: “If you’re just going to meet consumer or clients’ and demands, you may as well be a plumber – the work will be more frequently available” while discussing the offer of creative work as a service.

James Greenfield of Koto on their recent Fanta rebrand: “When Coca-Cola approached us to rebrand Fanta, they wanted to change but weren’t really sure why.”

When discussing the studio’s plan for the future, James says:
“We don’t believe in business plans because human nature doesn’t really work in that way”

“One of the biggest failures is that sometimes I feel like I’m doing the devils work…If you can do some “good” with your work, then I think you should.” – Freddy Taylor.



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