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1-Day Workshop: Recoat X Harvest – On the Corner



20 participants were brought together to draw, explore and experiment while creating a collaborative mural in the great Glasgow outdoors across 18 street-level shutters to help regenerate community-based centre On the Corner.





Photographs by Gordon Burniston.


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Jamie Johnson, one of the founders of Harvest Skateboards and Amy Whiten of Recoat share a background in Illustration and both make work for exhibition, clients and on the street.

In their personal and business lives they push for and love collaborative projects, believing that it can be a key way to develop and grow the best work. It was only natural for them to partner with community-focused centre On the Corner to paint 18 street level shutters in Glasgow’s East End to promote the work On the Corner are doing and help regenerate the area.

Amy: “Wear an old t-shirt….”
Recoat is a Glasgow based Arts Organisation made up of artist duo, Amy Whiten and Ali Wyllie. Recoat started out as a gallery in 2007 but has evolved and grown so that they now specialise in curating mural projects, exhibitions and education programmes in the field of Contemporary Urban Art. They’ve worked with the likes of Insa, Sheone, 1010 and Matt Mignanelli to name a few and work regularly with Scottish artists like FiST, Mark Lyken, Susie Wright, David Galletly, Fraser Gray and Kirsty Whiten. They aim to fill our streets and homes with the finest quality art made by brilliant, talented people.


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