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Exhibition: Off Grid


For the 2015 programme, Warriors Studio curated a selection of up-and-coming artists and designers to exhibit work:


“To question the definition of contemporary graphic design and celebrate the diverse, multi-disciplinary direction the practice is moving in, we brought artists and designers together to showcase their work in a group exhibition.
The artists, designers, makers and communicators exhibiting, work on the border of multiple disciplines and have a close tie to, or relationship with graphic design but may not consider themselves graphic designers.

In a constantly evolving and changing world, it is becoming progressively more difficult to offer an airtight definition of each creative discipline.

The work in the exhibition could be considered graphic art, set design, jewellery, product design, sculpture, illustration and ceramics.” – Warriors Studio


Off Grid features work by: Hannah Clarke, Al White, Lauren Law, Isla Macer Law, Orlando Lloyd, Dominic Kesterton, Yokollection, Marianne Wilson Warriors Studio.


The exhibition was originally shown at South Block Glasgow before being invited to Nancy, France, where it was shown at Galerie My Monkey – a highly commended graphic design gallery, which has hosted exhibitions for more than 12 years.


At the exhibition openings visitors were offered tarot readings by Swedish designer Julia Stringer, Alexa Hare (Yokollection) and Beth Wilson (Warriors Studio) using the deck of Yoko Ono and Second Life inspired tarot cards, designed by Yokollection and Warriors Studio.


The openings also featured DJing from the full 12th Isle crew in Glasgow and 12th Isle’s Al White – aka DJ Crud – in Nancy, France.


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