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1-Day Workshop: STV Creative – Trumpet Goggles


As always STV Creative went all out for their 1-Day workshop.

Their 20 participants were split into four teams. The four teams were then presented with an assortment of objects which they were challenged to combine and create some sort of fictional product, as ridiculous as you like!

The Hellmet, CuppaCap, Yellcam and the Alarmp were created!

The four teams each branded their new product and with the help of STV Creative developed concepts for an advertising campaign to showcase and market their product.

The teams then pitched their ideas to STV Creative and two concepts were chosen to be filmed with the help of Progressive Broadcast and produced into two twenty second video advertisements.

You can see the video created for Cuppacap here:

and Hellmet here:





Photographs by Gordon Burniston:

STV Creative:


Progressive Broadcast:


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