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Hand Painted Letters, Fictional Brands, Portfolio Websites, Typographic Sculptures, Advertising Campaigns and Analogue Newspapers


Our 1-day workshops were taken up a notch for 2016 and here’s the low down.

O Street offered an insight into how they approach branding projects, giving an industry insight from their personal experience. Find out more about the workshop here.

Alan Kitching challenged his workshop team with rebranding a whisky of their choice using the medium of letterpress. After learning the process involved when producing letterpress prints from a master of the craft everybody produced their own bottle labels and collateral prints. Find out more about the workshop here.

Workshop participants produced one-sheet newspapers with Matt and Jess of Good Press with everybody simultaneously playing the role of art director, copywriter, editor, technician and grid builder to produce their own analogue prints – brought together in one final collaborative compendium. Find out more about the workshop here.

Ciaran Globel introduced the basic techniques of painting lettering by hand, approaching brushwork and understanding materials, with everybody painting their own letter brought together in a large-scale type installation. Find out more about the workshop here.


Everybody in CodeBase’s web development workshop built their own portfolio website after getting to grips with the basics of digital development and the language of code. Find out more about the workshop here.

Graphic design isn’t something we often consider as sculptural but Delphine Dawson of Maklab moved typography into a physical space, creating sculptural type-based pieces her workshop – physically produced with the help of 3D printers. Find out more about the workshop here.

STV Creative’s afternoon focused on creative ways to sell and market something in the most engaging way possible, “If the idea is strong the rest will follow” – Graham, STV Creative. Find out more about the workshop here.






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