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International Exhibitions Close on 25th November


We have three international exhibitions open at The Lighthouse in Glasgow until 25th November!
Make sure you don’t miss them.



International Poster Exhibition
This International Poster Exhibition features 200 posters designed by 178 different designers from around the world, along with a library of carefully chosen books which provide more details on the broader context of poster and graphic design.

The posters exhibited are a curated shortlist of submissions to Graphic Design Festival Scotland’s International Poster Competition which was held between the 18th May and 20th August 2016 and received 3443 entries from 72 countries.

The posters were curated by Unfun (Nuremberg) and Lamm & Kirch (Leipzig) – two highly regarded design studios, together with Glasgow based design practice and festival founders, Warriors Studio, and Paris based graphic designer and Creative Director of Chaumont Design Graphique, Étienne Hervy.

“The exhibition provides a new context for the posters and also for graphic design as a practice which embeds itself so comfortably and often passively in our everyday lives. Some of the works exhibited were designed with a political agenda; attempting to reveal truths and lies or contribute to ongoing dialogues of war, security, power and nationality. Others raise awareness of issues around equality, consumerism and privacy.” – James Gilchrist, Director.

This exhibition is organised with support from The Lighthouse, IAD2016 and Creative Scotland.



Design Displacement Group: NO EXIT

Design Displacement Group’s solo exhibition ‘NO EXIT’ at GDFS explores issues around labour conditions, efficiency, isolationism, populism and panic in a political Union no one can practically ‘exit’ from. Produced in light of Brexit, the 3-way projection installation uses algorithms to create a series of parallel and infinitely changing narratives, played in sync with a mystical and euphoric sound track by LA-based musicians OOFJ.



PUTPUT: Enormous Details
PUTPUT, the collaborative practice of Stephan Friedli (CH) and Ulrik Martin Larsen (DK), are also showcasing a selection of their playful yet razor sharp work throughout the Lighthouse. The Swiss/Danish duo “explore the metaphysical relationships connected to everyday objects… and navigate the increasingly busy intersection where photography, sculpture and design meet.” – Stephan Friedli (CH) and Ulrik Martin Larsen (DK)


Exhibition details:

International Poster Exhibition, Design Displacement’s NO EXIT and Putput’s Enormous Details

Dates: October 17th — November 25th
Location: The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell lane, Glasgow G1 3NU
Opening times: Monday-Saturday 10.00–17.00

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