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International Poster Competition


The 2019 International Poster Competition is now open for entry.
This competition aims to showcase and celebrate contemporary poster design from around the world.

How the competition works

  1. The highly-rated entries will be chosen for the International Poster Exhibition and included in the International Poster Book.
  2. From the highly-rated entries, 1st, 2nd, and 3d place will be awarded by the international jury.
  3. The highly-rated entries will be promoted during GDFS, via social media and online to over 100,000 active followers and viewers.


Please read the guidelines below before submitting an entry.

– The brief is open. Submissions may be created specifically for the competition, for a client or as self-promotion.
– A maximum of 6 posters may be entered per participant.
– The competition is open to both students and professionals.
– Content submitted on the poster entry form must be accurate and include all designers involved. The content submitted in the entry form will be used for the International Poster Exhibition and International Poster Book. This content may not be possible to change.
– Moving and animated posters are accepted and celebrated.
– The entry must have been created in 2018-2019.
– The posters will be judged on their content, concept, and delivery, and value will be placed on design work which:

  • Alters perceptions or ways of thinking
  • Offers creative solutions to problems
  • Contributes to discussion on current affairs
  • Opens dialogue and provokes discussion for debate
  • Makes innovative use of media or medium

Key Dates

Competition Closes – all digital submissions must be received by midnight.

Potential participants who are being considered for selection in the International Poster Exhibition and publishing in the International Poster Book will be contacted.

All names of successful participants who will be included in the International Poster Exhibition and International Poster Book will be publicised here.

TBC Date
Competition winners will be announced at the opening of the International Poster Exhibition.


The International Poster competition launched in 2014 and has received 22,000+ poster entries from 100+ Countries (x5 competitions 2014-2018).

Over 37,000 people have attended International Poster Exhibitions (x5 exhibitions 2014-2018).

5x International Poster Catalogues and Books have been published as a result of the competition and exhibition and these can be found in the GDFS shop.


1st Place: £500
2nd Place: £300
3rd Place: £100

The highly rated entries will be chosen for the International Poster Exhibition, included in the International Poster Book and will be promoted during GDFS, via social media and online to over 100,000 active followers and viewers.


Can a series of posters be submitted as one submission?
Yes. If submitting a series, please combine the series together within one digital image for the first stage of submission.

What file type should my digital submission be?
JPG or PNG under 5mb. If your poster is animated this can be in your preferred format.

What dimensions should my digital file for submission be?
Ideally A1 but any size is suitable at the first stage of submission, so long as we can see the content and details clearly and it’s under 5mb.

Can I submit animated posters?

Can my submission be self-initiated work?

What year should my posters have been designed?
Within 1 year of competition opening if preferred. Posters must be created within the last 3 years of the competition you are entering.

I entered a poster last year but it was unsuccessful, can I re-enter it this year?
No. Unfortunately not.

Does my poster have to be printed on paper?
If you are selected for Stage 1 of the judging process, a physical poster may be requested, however it can be printed on whatever material you wish, provided you are able to post it. We have received posters on silk, cotton, wood and PVC Plastic!

Submission Format

Digital Entry
File type: .jpg

Dimensions:Native size of poster (A1 preferred) however any size is good, so long as we can see the content and details of the poster clearly.

File size: Under 5mb

Physical Entry
The preferred format is A1, however, we accept any shape or size of poster.

Selected for International Poster Exhibition and Published in International Poster Book

• Alec Stewart
• Alexander Mainusch, Marian Fitz, Sebastian Randerath
• Álvaro Fernández Maldonado
• Anezka Minarikova
• Anna Morozova
• Anna Tuena
• Anymade Studio (Petr Cabalka, Filip Nerad), photo Ivan Kassa
• Atelier Choque Le Goff (Donald Choque, Yoann Le Goff)
• Atelier tout va Bien (Anna Chevance, Mathias Reynoird)
• Awista Montagne
• Axel Pelletanche-Thévenart
• Barbora Demovičová, Elias Erkan, Elia Preuss, Tim Teichert
• Benjamin Wurster
• Benoît Bodhuin, Antonin Faurel
• Brodie Kaman
• Bruno Jacoby, Miki Feller
• Bureau David Voss
• Bureau Sandra Doeller
• Carilla Karahan
• Chan Sperle
• Christophe Gaudard
• Colin Doerffler
• Crystal Zapata
• Daniele Morganti
• Dimitri Jeannottat, icw Tiphaine Allemann and Pierre Charmillot
• DWA Graphic Department (Karolina Pietrzyk, Gilbert Schneider, Tobias Wenig)
• Eva Tatjana Stürmer, Lukas Rehm
• Fons Hickmann
• Fons Hickmann, Raúl Kokott
• Formes Vives
• Gabriel Abascal
• Goetz Gramlich
• Gregory Page
• Hammer (Sereina Rothenberger, David Schatz)
• Han Gao
• Hoang Nguyen
• Igor Sabaev
• Jan Horcik
• Jiri Mocek
• Johnson / Kingston (Ivan Weiss, Michael Kryenbuehl)
• Jonas Meier
• Josie Doser
• Jude Sutton
• Julian Bauer, Gregor Brändli, Samuel Steinmann
• Julien Lelièvre
• Kahyan Mac
• Kathrin Baumgartner
• Kenneth Kuh
• Lamm & Kirch
• Lauren Thorson
• Leonie Ambrosius, Michel Bütepage
• Liebermann Kiepe Reddemann
• Lorraine Li
• Lou Rais & Arthur Teboul
• Lucas Hesse
• Luka Lavrenci
• Marcus Wachter, Miriam Humm
• Marek Voida
• Marius Rother
• Mark Bohle, Nam Huynh
• Mark Bohle, Raffael Kormann
• Matt Asato-Adams
• Matter Of (Fabian Schewe, Marcel Mendler, Adrian Riemann, Marian Rupp)
• Maximage
• Min Jong Kim
• Miriam Humm
• Mischa Appel
• Monsters: Michaela Labudová, Pavel Frič
• Nenad Milakovic
• Neo Neo (Thuy-An Hoang, Xavier Erni)
• Nicos Terzis
• Nizar Kazan
• Noah Silver
• Noviki
• Panama Papers Office (Ilan Begarin, Pierre Dufresne, Florent Martini)
• PANK (Paula Troxler, Kleon Medugorac)
• Papon Punyahotra
• Park Min Ji
• Phil Stahlhut & Tim Teichert
• Pierre Vanni
• Ralph Schraivogel
• Robert Radziejewski, David Pfifferling
• Ross Paul McEwan
• Ryan Gerald Nelson
• Sangah Shin
• Sara Cristina Moser
• Sascia Reibel, Shuaitong Zong
• Simon Villaret
• Soomin Shon
• Stefan Hürlemann, Vilté Jurgutyté, Samara Keller, Christian Knöpfel
• Stephen M Hernandez
• Studio Laurens Bauer, David Benski
• Studio Mut (Thomas Kronbichler, Martin Kerschbaumer)
• Studio Tillack Knöll (Sven Tillack, Steffen Knöll)
• Subin Choi
• Sucker Tom (Thomas Pohl)
• Sunghyun Bae
• Sunjung Park
• Super Terrain
• Thomas van Ryzewyk
• Tim Lindacher, Don Elektro
• Tim Lindacher, The Crystal Beach
• Tobias Hönow, Mark Julien Hahn
• Unjeong Skatepark Crew, Arthur Gray
• V/A/B Victor & Arthur Brun
• Valentin Alisch
• Virgile Flores
• Vrints-Kolsteren
• Weronika Jaźwińska
• Wolfgang Ortner, Christoph Straganz
• Wolfgang Ortner, Christoph Straganz
• Zhongkai Li, Evan Chang

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