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Graphic Design Festival Scotland

Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) believes in promoting and celebrating creativity, innovation, collaboration and challenges ways of thinking through a programme of workshops, talks, discussions, exhibitions, competitions, music and public artwork.

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Since 2014

Founded in 2014, GDFS has since welcomed 200,000 participants, visitors, and contributors and organised over 148+ projects and events.

We are humbled to attract designers locally and globally and have welcomed participants and attendees from 10+ countries.

GDFS has secured over 120+ work placements and internships for young designers with many gaining full-time employment through the unique Live Project.

Our International Poster Competition launched in 2014 and has received 22,000+ poster entries from 100+ Countries (x5 competitions 2014-2018). Over 37,000 people have attended International Poster Exhibitions (x5 exhibitions 2014-2018).

Each year, we aim to make GDFS better than the year before, but more importantly valuable and inspiring for everybody who attends.


– Encourage creative thinking
– Provide an opportunity for people to learn, develop skills and grow
– Promote Scotland as a hub for creativity and design
– Build networks between Scotland and the rest of the world
– Create links between students & industry
– Provide a platform for up-and-coming creatives
– Empower graphic and visual designers
– Build and strengthen a creative community
– Bring graphic design into the public domain

The festival promotes the best of international graphic design and visual communication and aims to inspire and educate through active engagement.

Networking and socialising play a key role in the festival and we aim to build relationships and networks across the world.


The festival is run by James Gilchrist, Beth Wilson, Victoria Donnelly, Mitchell Gillies and Jonathan Gilbride of Glasgow-based design practice Warriors Studio.

Sponsors, partners, collaborators, friends, and family are all part of the GDFS team and work each year to deliver a festival which is accessible, personal, forward-thinking and unforgettable.

We believe that continued collaboration and open minds are key to success and we are always looking to build new connections.

If you’d like to work together, please get in touch.


Each year we work with partners to deliver the programme and build on the success of the previous year. Current and previous partners include Deutsche Bank, Innis & Gunn, Pantone, Mohawk, Infinite Eye and The Skinny.

Partnerships can take almost any form and be tailored to your goals and objectives.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with Graphic Design Festival Scotland, please contact us at: