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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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Music Programme 2016


Music is an important aspect of GDFS. It’s the fabric of the festival’s atmosphere – helping everyone relax, bringing people together, setting the mood and creating talking points.

Each day is curated by a different record label, promoter or radio station; who each invite guests, friends and collaborators to play music in the space.

This year, the music was live streamed on Subcity Radio, which you can listen back to here:

The mixes will also be available on Mixcloud in the coming months on:


Monday 18/10/16 – New Worlds
Concrete Cabin
— Mark Maxwell
— DJ Crud

Tuesday 18/10/16 – Live Project & SHORTS Film Festival
— Mr Tuner
— Bessa
— Sultan
— DJ Uncomfortable

Wednesday 21/10/15 – Live Project
Subcity Radio
— OH141
— Vugge (DJ FOMO)

— Ross fae tech
The Rainbow Dome
Self Service
Heavy Eyelids

Thursday 20/10/16 – 1-Day Workshops
12th Isle
— Craig Gallagher (Resono) 
— Joss Allen ((Deveron Arts))
— Stewart Brown
— Fergus Clark
— Tundoori McGhee
— DJ Crud

Friday 21/10/15 – 2-Day Workshops
— Mr TC (Optimo)
— Fenix (J. Walbaum & A.M)

Friday 21/10/15 – Launch Night
Stay Fresh
12th Isle
Mr TC (Optimo)

Saturday 22/10/15 – 2-Day Workshops
— Pete (Rubadub)
— Mark (Rubadub)
— Frankie Gallagher (Kunst)
— Becky Marshall (So Low)
— DJ Crud (12th Isle / Concrete Cabin)

Sunday 23/10/15 – Conference & Panel Discussion
Heated Heads
— Al White
— Mother



2016 Launch


Friday evening marked the launch of Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2016, welcoming more than 500 guests to explore the International Poster Exhibition, NO EXIT – Design Displacement’s 3-way immersive projection installation and Putput’s Enormous Details exhibition throughout the building. Alongside the 3 exhibition openings, the winners of the 2016 International Poster Competition and Live Project were announced, with thanks to partners, […]

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