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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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2016 Launch


Friday evening marked the launch of Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2016, welcoming more than 500 guests to explore the International Poster Exhibition, NO EXIT – Design Displacement’s 3-way immersive projection installation and Putput’s Enormous Details exhibition throughout the building.

Alongside the 3 exhibition openings, the winners of the 2016 International Poster Competition and Live Project were announced, with thanks to partners, sponsors, collaborators and supporters who help make GDFS a reality.


Music Programme 2016


Music is an important aspect of GDFS. It’s the fabric of the festival’s atmosphere – helping everyone relax, bringing people together, setting the mood and creating talking points. Each day is curated by a different record label, promoter or radio station; who each invite guests, friends and collaborators to play music in the space. This year, […]

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Exhibition: Enormous Details – Putput


Electrical sponges, salami and a sex tape In the exhibition “Enormous Details” shown throughout the public spaces within The Lighthouse, Swiss/Danish artist duo PUTPUT present a collection of accumulated images from projects within the last 5 years. A mix of old and new, showcasing a fascination with everyday objects, advertising and staging. Blurring the lines […]

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