GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


International Poster Competition

Competition is now closed and all of those who have made it through to Stage 2 of the judging process have now been contacted.

Thank you to everybody who took part this year. You helped make 2018 the biggest and most exciting competition yet with 6974 posters submitted from 102 countries around the world. Congratulations!

The submissions most highly rated by the jury will be exhibited at Graphic Design Festival Scotland in Scotland’s National Centre for Design & Architecture, The Lighthouse between the 19th October – 23rd November 2018 and the top 3 winners will be awarded cash prizes.


Posters act as a simple vehicle for communication and have provided a powerful framework for political agendas, War propaganda and the dissemination of public information, alongside being used as tools to sell commercial goods and services for centuries. However, outwith their functional existence, they provide a canvas for millions of designers around the world.

This competition aims to showcase and celebrate contemporary poster design from around the world.

The three posters, most highly regarded by the jury, will be awarded cash prizes.

A curated selection of entries will also be exhibited in Scotland’s National Centre for Design & Architecture, The Lighthouse between the 19th October – 23rd November 2018.

Key Dates

Competition Opens

06.08.18 (Extended to 13.08.18)
Competition Closes – All digital submissions must be received by midnight.

10.08.18 (Participants have now been contacted)
Stage 1: Participants being considered for the exhibition will be contacted to submit physical posters for the second round of judging

07.09.18 (Extended to 19.09.18)
Stage 2: All names of shortlisted participants who will feature in the exhibition will be publicised here.

Competition winners will be announced at the exhibition opening. We hope to see you there!

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1. You submit your poster(s) digitally (.jpg format up to 5mb)
2. Digital submissions reviewed by Jury
3. GDFS request physical posters to be considered for final exhibition
4. Jury curate final posters for exhibition
5. Authors of posters included in final exhibition announced
6. Posters most highly rated by jury will be exhibited in GDFS International Poster Exhibition and printed in the International Poster Book.


1st Place: £500
2nd Place: £300
3rd Place: £100

Thank you to Mohawk Fine Papers for sponsoring this year’s prize money. Mohawk also kindly provide the paper for the poster book.

Submission Format

Digital Entry
File type: .jpg
Dimensions: Native size of poster (A1 preferred) however any size is good, so long as we can see the content and details of the poster clearly.
File size: Under 5mb

Physical Entry
The preferred format is A1, however, we accept any shape or size of poster.


– The brief is open.
– Submissions may be created specifically for the competition, for a client or as self promotion.
– A maximum of 3 posters may be entered per participant. The competition is open to both students and professionals.
– The posters will be judged on their content, concept, and delivery, and value will be placed on design work which:
– Alters perceptions or ways of thinking
– Offers creative solutions to problems
– Contributes to discussion on current affairs
– Opens dialogue and provokes discussion for debate
– Makes innovative use of media or medium


Can a series of posters be submitted as one submission?
Yes. If submitting a series, please combine the series together within one digital image for the first stage of submission.

What dimensions should my digital file for submission be?
Ideally A1 but any size is suitable at the first stage of submission, so long as we can see the content and details clearly and it’s under 5mb.

Can I submit animated posters?
Yes, we will be displaying animated posters on screens within the exhibitions. These can be submitted under 5mb.

Can my submission be self-initiated work?

We collaborated on posters together. Can we make a joint submission?
Absolutely! Just make sure you enter each of your names in the name field on the submission form and credit everything as you wish.

What year should my posters have been designed?
Posters must have been created within the last 3 years of the competition you are entering and preference will be given to posters submitted within one year of the competition you entering.

I entered a poster last year but it was unsuccessful, can I re-enter it this year?
No. Unfortunately not.

Does my poster have to be printed on paper?
If you are selected for Stage 1 of the judging process, a physical poster must be sent, however it can be printed on whatever material you wish, provided you are able to post it. We have received posters on silk, cotton, wood and PVC Plastic!

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