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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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2-Day Workshop: 44 Flavours – Collaborative Construction


44 Flavours 2-Day workshop looked at intuition-led process within a collaborative environment, resulting in a large-scale public sculpture of layered colours, hand-cut shapes and forms.

The sculpture was then installed by the group within Glasgow Sculpture studios with the Glasgow skyline as a backdrop before a celebratory dance was performed around the piece.


44 Flavours:


44flavours-gdfs-2970-1200x800 44flavours-gdfs-2981 44flavours-gdfs-3030-1200x800-1 44flavours-gdfs-3043-1200x800 web-780-Warriors-Studio-Graphic-Design-Festival-Scotland-2014 web-775-Warriors-Studio-Graphic-Design-Festival-Scotland-201444flavours-gdfs-3110-1200x800

Informal Talks Evening


An evening of music, drinks and short informal talks from Eike Konig/HORT (Berlin), Freddy Taylor of Kesselskramer (Amsterdam & London), Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle of 44 Flavours (Berlin) and Oliver Knight of OK–RM (London). Music courtesy of So Weit So Gut, Handpicked and The Dissolving Dancefloor.

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1-Day Workshop: 44 Flavours – Jumping Jacks


Within one day, each participant developed the idea of, and physically created an abstract jumping jack. “Abstract? Yes! Not a typical jumping jack, but more some kind of sculptural/contemporary jumping jack, that plays with colors and forms. A jumping jack, that gives the viewer the opportunity to interact, so there should be the option to pull on somewhere, to push something, that makes parts of […]

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