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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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1-Day Workshop: 44 Flavours – Jumping Jacks


Within one day, each participant developed the idea of, and physically created an abstract jumping jack.
“Abstract? Yes! Not a typical jumping jack, but more some kind of sculptural/contemporary jumping jack, that plays with colors and forms. A jumping jack, that gives the viewer the opportunity to interact, so there should be the option to pull on somewhere, to push something, that makes parts of the creation move.
Each jumping jack should tell a story. A story? Yes a story of interaction, communication, contrast, movement or whatever….”
At the end each jumping jack could be interacted with and a narrative between each was developed for the final presentation.

44 Flavours:


44flavours-gdfs-2787-1200x800 web-IMG_084144flavours-gdfs-2788-1200x800 44flavours-gdfs-2800-1200x800 44flavours-gdfs-2844-1200x800 44flavours-gdfs-2920-1200x800 44flavours-gdfs-2935-1200x800 790-Warriors-Studio-Graphic-Design-Festival-Scotland-2014 web-fri1web-fri20 web-fri45 web-fri4744flavours-gdfs-2942

2-Day Workshop: 44 Flavours – Collaborative Construction


44 Flavours 2-Day workshop looked at intuition-led process within a collaborative environment, resulting in a large-scale public sculpture of layered colours, hand-cut shapes and forms. The sculpture was then installed by the group within Glasgow Sculpture studios with the Glasgow skyline as a backdrop before a celebratory dance was performed around the piece.   44 Flavours:  

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2-Day Workshop: Studio Moross – Rotoscoping


During Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2015, Studio Moross led a 2–day workshop with 20 participants from across the world. The result was a collaborative animated music video for Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. *The video has been taken down. Sorry!*   Studio Moross: Photographs by Gordon Burniston.     We spoke to Kate, Olly and Linus about […]

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