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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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International Poster Exhibition 2014


Through our International Poster Competition, launched between June and August 2014, we received almost three thousand entries from more than thirty countries.

These submissions were judged and a final 100 curated for exhibition by Warriors Studio, Felix Pfäffli (Weltformat), Pierre Vanni and Morgan Fortems (My Monkey).

Posters offer a universal platform for communication and have been utilised for centuries to provoke, promote, celebrate, and stimulate. This exhibition is a showcase of which aims to celebrate the diversity of work and ideas within the practice of poster design across the world.

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Visuals: Julia Stringer


To accompany a social evening of drinks following the workshops at GDFS 2014, we invited Swedish artist/designer Julia Stringer to create a body of visual work in response to music which would be played. The visuals provided a strong focal point for the space and helped us build a stimulating and exciting environment. You can […]

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Informal Talks Evening


An evening of music, drinks and short informal talks from Eike Konig/HORT (Berlin), Freddy Taylor of Kesselskramer (Amsterdam & London), Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle of 44 Flavours (Berlin) and Oliver Knight of OK–RM (London). Music courtesy of So Weit So Gut, Handpicked and The Dissolving Dancefloor.

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