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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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2–Day Workshop: OK–RM – Making Books Move


This is PART 2 in a series of workshops by OK-RM, conceived to stimulate the impulsive production of ideas through a series of EXERCISES. The key is to think and react immediately.

The EXERCISES are intended to engage a range of skills critical to the practice of graphic design. Exercises and will touch on conceptual thinking, narrative, art-direction, image making and writing. Each EXERCISE has its own restrictions, imposed with the intention of focusing attention on the specific task at hand.

THINKING & DOING (PART 2) is formed of three EXERCISES working within the medium of moving image, specifically within the format of split screen film.

Films are composed of two 16×9 portrait films (A+B) placed side by side to make up a complete film.

Each EXERCISE yields one film per participant. Each film forms a chapter of a cumulative DIGITAL BOOK. Which can be found here:




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1-Day Workshop: Recoat X Harvest – Inside/Outside


Recoat is a Glasgow-based Arts Organisation made up of artist duo, Amy Whiten and Ali Wyllie. Recoat started out as a gallery in 2007 but has evolved and grown so that they now specialise in curating mural projects, exhibitions and education programmes in the field of Contemporary Urban Art. Harvest is a skateboard brand and platform […]

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2-Day Workshop: Kesselskramer, Freddy Taylor – Do2


Freddy Taylor of Kesselskramer ran a product design-based workshop as an extension of Kesselskramer’s Do project. This involved the creation of products, which only become complete through user interaction. The most famous example of these is a steel ‘chair’ which is sold as a steel cube and a sledgehammer. The user creates their own unique chair by hitting and denting […]

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