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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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1-Day Workshop: Workhorse Press – Riso Intro


Workhorse Press is a Risograph based design & print studio based in Edinburgh, setup in 2010 by illustrator Dominic Kesterton & designer Orlando Lloyd.

Working with a variety of cultural organisations and clients to product highly finished printed outcomes, the studio’s practice revolves around combining skills of Design, Illustration & Risograph printing together to create bold and unique graphic work.

The studio also offers it’s Risograph printing services to individuals, organisations and collaborative projects.

“Our workshop will be collaborative, unpredictable and fun. Participants will be guided through the Risograph process to produce improvised, colourful prints. Printing both individual and overlapping artworks with other participants, the outcome will be a body of printed matter (that participants will take away with them) that is completely exclusive to the combination of people in attendance on the day! All work will be brought together to create a Risograph exhibition within the space.”


Photographs by Gordon Burniston.


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1-Day Workshop: STV Creative – Trumpet Goggles


As always STV Creative went all out for their 1-Day workshop. Their 20 participants were split into four teams. The four teams were then presented with an assortment of objects which they were challenged to combine and create some sort of fictional product, as ridiculous as you like! The Hellmet, CuppaCap, Yellcam and the Alarmp […]

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1-Day Workshop: CodeBase – How to Build a Simple Website in 1 Day


CodeBase is the largest technology incubator in the UK and one of the fastest growing in Europe, and believe it or not, they’re Edinburgh based, so there’s nobody better we could think of to introduce our festival goers to the world of web development. Led by Diego Herrera, each participant created their own portfolio website. […]

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