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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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1-Day Workshop: Risotto – Ltd Ed Prints


Glasgow-based Risotto, introduced the process of risograph printing. The printer, somewhere between a tower photocopier and a screen-printing bed allows multiple prints to be created quickly but with the aesthetics and finish of a screen print. Colours can be layered up and incredible results achieved through overlaying and combining textures and block colours. Each participant experimented with the process and produced their own series of limited edition prints.



web-Graphic-Design-Festival-Scotland-2014-risotto-workshop-1 web-Graphic-Design-Festival-Scotland-2014-risotto-workshop-2 web-Graphic-Design-Festival-Scotland-2014-risotto-workshop

1-Day Workshop: STV Creative – An Exquisite Corpse


STV Creative crafted an incredibly action-packed rollercoaster of a workshop into one day. The workshop participants were introduced to motion graphics, animation and various filming techniques while they created a typographic film/animation of the festival acronym GDFS, tackling both the feature frames and the transitions between letters. The workshop participants were divided into three groups. Each group […]

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1-Day Workshop: Recoat X Harvest – Inside/Outside


Recoat is a Glasgow-based Arts Organisation made up of artist duo, Amy Whiten and Ali Wyllie. Recoat started out as a gallery in 2007 but has evolved and grown so that they now specialise in curating mural projects, exhibitions and education programmes in the field of Contemporary Urban Art. Harvest is a skateboard brand and platform […]

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