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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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1-Day Workshop: Alan Kitching – Letterpress


“What people get from my workshops I hope is an appreciation of typography through the original method of letterpress printing. I was particularly surprised by the inventiveness of some of the work as it got produced. The main challenge in doing a workshop is the time factor, but given that the time was limited, they all managed to achieve interesting results.” – Alan Kitching

Alan Kitching is a name synonymous with letterpress. A master in the art of typography, Alan passed on his knowledge, tasking each participant with selecting a Whisky Brand to brand typography typography in a style of their choosing.

“I feel that the workshop went very well in the end” – Alan Kitching


Alan Kitching:


2-Day Workshop: Design Displacement Group – Digital vs. Archaic


DDG was set up as an international initiative known as The Design Displacement Group with the intention of approaching modern design in new and unusual ways. The group consists of sixteen members collaborating in shifting constellations across a range of projects that take form through commissioned client projects, self-initiated works and open-form workshops. DDG introduce […]

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1-Day Workshop: O Street – Branding


At GDFS 2016, we invited Glasgow-based design agency O Street to run a workshop which offered insight into their branding process in light of the recent rebrand of their studio. Their inspiring rebrand focused on their inherent street positioning and the hands-on approach they take as a studio. The fresh O Street identity involved developing […]

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