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Graphic Design Festival Scotland, 20-26 October, 2017

GDFS, 20-26 Oct, 2017


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Studio Moross, HelloMe, It’s Nice That, Colophon and The Rodina Unleashed in Glasgow!


Podcast #4: Liv Siddall catches up with a selection of 2-Day workshop leaders and participants on day 5 of GDFS 2015:

James Crossley – Edinburgh College of Art (participant in Hellome workshop & winner of Live 2-Day Project)
Fiona Shiel – Edinburgh College of Art (participant in HelloMe workshop)
Linus Kraemer – Studio Moross (workshop leader)
Jane Stockdale (photographer and pianist)
Jonah Fried – (participant in It’s Nice That workshop)
Tereza & Vit Ruller – The Rodina (workshop leader)
Sian Yeshe Blackburn – Gray’s School of Art (participant in The Rodina workshop)
Sarah – Gray’s School of Art (participant in The Rodina workshop)
James Findlay – participant in The Rodina workshop
Rachel Tweedy – GDFS 2015 team

Today marks the beginning of the 2-day workshops, however the buzzing hub was cleared to make way for the International Poster Exhibition, to be launched in the evening. Participants involved in the two-day workshops were taken away to different areas of The Lighthouse to work with fantastic, internationally renowned creatives including Studio Moross (London), Colophon (NYC & London), The Rodina (Amsterdam), It’s Nice That (London) and HelloMe (Berlin). Studio Moross began a workshop in rotoscoping, a type of animation in which drawings and mark-making are layered over film and brought to life. Anthony and Edd of Colophon set their group on designing typography inspired by environmental research and found imagery in and around the streets of Glasgow. HelloMe put on a spectacular workshop exploring the beauty and infinite possibility of the black square, inspired by Kasimir Malewitsch’s revolutionary painting “Black Square” (1915) which will result in a publication and pop-up exhibition. Dutch duo The Rodina began an enormous game of dominos by asking participants to create back and white imagery that would then be laid out together in an aesthetically pleasing design-related game, the visual markers of the dominos were created on perceived imperfections and perfections in nature and our built environment, creating intriguing and often bizarre visual pairs. Upstairs It’s Nice That set about teaching their group the wonder of gifs, preparing a series of animations to be played as part of a performance on Saturday night in a live VJ set.

Photographs by Gordon Burniston.


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Signarama Edinburgh


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Live 2-Day Project – Reality Bites: Day 2


  Podcast #3: As the Live 2-Day Project heats up, Liv Siddall chats to judges, mentors, participants and winner of the project: Danielle Pender – Riposte (judge who also wrote the brief) Jamie McIntyre – It’s Nice That (judge) Rachel & Lucy – Abertay University (participants) Chris Wilson – MadeBrave (mentor) Catch Sparrow – Edinburgh […]

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