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International Poster Exhibition 2015



An exhibition celebrating the art of poster design.

We run an annual International Poster Competition and with the help of an internationally renowned panel, we curate a shortlist to be showcased in an exhibition.

The competition received 3432 entries from 83 countries between June and August 2015 and was judged by Warriors Studio, Tony Brook (Spin), Adrian Shaugnessy (Unit Editions) and Erich Brechbühl (Mixer & Weltformat).

The top 100 posters which received the highest rating from the judges were shown.


“Posters offer a universal platform for communication and have been used for centuries to provoke, promote, celebrate, and stimulate.

They act as a simple vehicle for communication and have provided a powerful framework for political agendas, War propaganda and the dissemination of public information, alongside being used as tools to sell commercial goods and services. However outwith their functional existence, they provide a canvas for millions of designers around the world.”

You can view the digital gallery here:


Photographs by Gordon Burniston.


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