The brief is open. Submissions may be created specifically for the competition,
for a client or as self-promotion. A maximum of 3 posters may
be entered per participant. The competition is open to both students
and professionals. The posters will be judged on their content, concept,
and delivery, and value will be placed on design work which:

  • - Alters perceptions or ways of thinking
  • - Offers creative solutions to problems
  • - Contributes to discussion on current affairs
  • - Opens dialogue and provokes discussion for debate


Now Closed...

2014 Exhibition

The following names have been shortlisted for Graphic Design Festival
Scotland’s International Poster Competition 2014 and will be exhibited at
In Public Gallery, 21 Stockwell Street, Glasgow G1 9SS from 24th-27th
October 2014. The exhibition features a showcase and celebration
of poster design from across the world.

The competition was judged by: Felix Pfaffli, Warriors Studio,
Espace My Monkey/Morgan Fortems and Pierre Vanni.

  • Denis Yılmaz
  • Jan Rappel
  • Edmond Lai
  • Fabian Krauss
  • Timm Henger
  • Sarah Baumann
  • Steffen Knöll
  • Elke Scholiers & Christophe Clarijs
  • Xiao Yadan
  • Anatolii Grashchenko
  • My Name is Wendy
  • Felix Bareis
  • Spector Bureau
  • Zed Cheng
  • Annina Sudeck
  • Sven Lindhorst-Emme
  • Xi Luo
  • Nassim Bouaza
  • Andreas Golde
  • João Araújo & Rita Huet - And Atelier
  • Peter Bankov
  • Timofei Dekalo
  • Yao-De Jheng
  • Studio Panorama
  • Dries Deriemaeker
  • Lauren Law
  • Atelier-Mit-Meerblick
  • Matthieu Salvaggio
  • Sascha Krischock
  • Karolina Pietrzyk
  • Al White
  • Seungtae Kim
  • Studio Jimbo
  • Christian Pardini
  • Parallèle graphique
  • Ilya Bryabrin
  • Mark Bohle
  • This Is a Secret Group
  • Corbin Mahieu
  • Joanna Gniady
  • Amir Jamshidi
  • Benoît Bodhuin
  • Mathieu Cieters
  • Felix Kosok
  • Ge Baoyu
  • Callum Copley
  • Rrezeart Galica
  • Valeriy Kozhanov
  • Tereza Rullerová, Vít Ruller - The Rodina
  • Daniel Crofts
  • Anastassia Sharõmova
  • Benedikt Luft
  • Aniello Frasca
  • Christophe Gaudard

2014 Winners

1st Place

  • Title: Schauspiel Stuttgart
  • By: Spector Bureau
  • Country: Germany

The poster is part of the initiating campaign and the new graphic appearance of the direction for Armin Petras at the Schauspiel Stuttgart, state theater Baden-Württemberg (

One theme named by the team of Armin Petras was: searching for clues – to get an awareness for the city, the place and its conditions, history and conflicts, to be able as a theater to make those things be readable today.
Another: The maximum of the historic, the maximum of the modern – the theater space seen in the far history as a cave. Lascaux and Chauvet, caves with wall paintings, which are said to be part of the first dance rituals.
A cut and paste of epochs, the collage of the stone age, a digital presence produces a side by side of time, stretching to become what could be meant by as modern.

2nd Place

  • Title: WE. Differences Unite Us.
  • By: Ilya Bryabrin
  • Country: Russia

Two letters on the top of the magnet form the word ‘WE’ (in Russian). The magnet is a metaphor of the polarity and unity of human views and actions that are the result of any kinds of oppositions: ‘male-female’, ‘good-bad’, ‘active-passive’.

Duality of perception is the source of forces of attraction and repulsion that are necessary for the balance in the social relations. Oneness reveals itself through polarity.

3rd Place

  • Title: South
  • By: Al White
  • Country: Scotland

"I made this poster to promote a small daytime event that I was organising with a few friends. It was a low key party with local DJ’s playing a range of music in an artist studio complex. As I had complete creative control it gave me the opportunity to experiment, and I ended up doing most of the work by hand then scanning the results in with a minimal amount of digital editing. I collaged photocopies from a geography textbook to form the basis of the design then worked the type around the imagery."

I used diagrams of shifting landscapes to form a loose connection with the name and concept of our on going project, The Dissolving Dancefloor.