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GDFS 19—25.10.18 5th Birthday!


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Roadliners Premiere


On a Tuesday evening at GDFS 2015, we showcased Roadliners, a short documentary film produced and art-directed by O Street and Pretend Lovers.

Roadliners documents the unnoticed art of painting lines and type on roads and the film follows Glasgow local Tam and his roadlining crew as they lay down lines and letters by hand.

“Born from a shared appreciation for these uncelebrated typographers-of-the-road and the craftsmanship that often goes unnoticed, we hope to shed some light on this unappreciated craft.”


Pretend Lovers:

O Street:


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International Poster Exhibition 2015


  An exhibition celebrating the art of poster design. We run an annual International Poster Competition and with the help of an internationally renowned panel, we curate a shortlist to be showcased in an exhibition. The competition received 3432 entries from 83 countries between June and August 2015 and was judged by Warriors Studio, Tony […]

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Conference & Panel Discussion


5 distinct voices within the visual communications industry introduced themselves and highlights from their work before discussing the future of graphic design together through a panel discussion facilitated by Rob Alderson. Speaking and participating on the panel, we welcomed Colophon, The Rodina, HelloMe, Kate & Studio Moross and People of Print. The variety of subjects and areas discussed in the […]

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