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Curated Music 2015



As if a 7 day programme of workshops, talks, exhibitions, competitions, and murals wasn’t enough, we invited 7 record labels and promoters to curate music at the festival alongside each event.

Music is such an important aspect of GDFS. It helps everyone relax, it brings people together, it builds up energy, it can set the mood and it can create a talking point.

Thank you to all of the DJs and artists involved.


The labels and promoters we welcomed to GDFS 2015 include:


Monday 19/10/15 – Impact By Design: Tropical 

Tuesday 20/10/15 – 1-Day Workshops: Handpicked

Tuesday 20/10/15 – Off Grid exhibition opening: 12th Isle

Wednesday 21/10/15 – Live Project: On Top

Thursday 22/10/15 – Live Project: 12th Isle

Friday 23/10/15 – 2-Day Workshops: Stay Fresh 

Friday 23/10/15 – Launch Night: Stay Fresh , Handpicked, 12th Isle & Tropical 

Saturday 24/10/15 – 2-Day Workshops: Numbers

Saturday 24/10/15 – It’s Nice That X GDFS Live Visual Performance: 12th Isle & Handpicked

Sunday 25/10/15 – Conference & Panel Discussion: Pauly Le Pew, New Life Markets


Photographs by Gordon Burniston.


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