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2-Day Workshop: It’s Nice That & Charlie Doran – Loop the Loop



“LOOP THE LOOP” was a two-day workshop experimenting with loops and GIFs—all to be used as part of a live audio/visual performance party at the festival.

The workshop focused on combining analogue methods of making, such as collage and stop-frame animation, with digital methods of processing such as camera phone apps and glitching — all mixed together for a group show, where participants had the chance to VJ, remix and distort their work live.

The workshop was held by Karl Toomey and Jamie McIntyre from It’s Nice That/INT Works, along with VJ and animator, Charlie Doran with live performance alongside music from 12th Isle and Handpicked.

You can find out more about the workshop over on It’s Nice That:


It’s Nice That:

Charlie Doran:

Photographs by Gordon Burniston and Jane Stockdale.


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