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Our Identity, Your Identity


Our 2016 identity explored process, collaboration and the dialogue which unfolds as ideas are developed and visualised. As an extension of the collaboration between Warriors Studio and Freytag Anderson, who developed this year’s identity, the source files for the poster were made public and designers around the world were invited to download and rework the poster design.

The files were downloaded by 83 designers from 15 different countries around the world who reinterpreted the poster and concept in their own way. A selection of these can be seen in the online gallery here.

Beyond this online gallery however, we selected a small handful to be included in the final print run. Thank you Ashley Moye, Burcu Salıcı, Nicola Narbone, Laurine Félicité, Mathias Skafte Andersen, Sam Longmire and Stephan Idé for your work. We’re proud to include your posters within the printed festival identity – which included 23 different posters printed back to back with this year’s jam-packed programme.

You can see all of the final posters below and we’ll be publishing photographs of the complete identity after the festival but for now, we hope you enjoy them in digital form.


15gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed from left to right by Mathias Skafte AndersenNicola Narbone.


14gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed from left to right by Laurine Félicité & Sam Longmire.

13gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed from left to right by Burcu Salıcı & Nicola Narbone.


12gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed from left to right by Ashley MoyeStephan Idé.


1gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersAll posters designed by Warriors Studio & Freytag Anderson

9gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed by Warriors Studio & Freytag Anderson

8gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed by Warriors Studio & Freytag Anderson

7gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed by Warriors Studio & Freytag Anderson

6gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed by Warriors Studio & Freytag Anderson

5gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed by Warriors Studio & Freytag Anderson

4gdfs-16-custom-identity-postersPosters designed by Warriors Studio & Freytag Anderson


Posters designed by Warriors Studio & Freytag Anderson


All 23 final posters and the 2016 programme.

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