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Live 2-Day Project – Reality Bites: Day 1



Podcast #2: Liv Siddall chats to participants and mentors of the Live 2-Day Project.

Jennifer A Hayashi (participant)
Colin (participant)
Amy (participant)
Greig Anderson & Daniel Freytag – Freytag Anderson (mentors)
Fraser (participant)
Tiernan Crilley – On Top (VJ)
Moritz – Glasgow School of Art (participant)

Wednesday marked the beginning of the live 2-day project which was to take place all over The Lighthouse for a solid two days of hard, creative work. The 120 participants gathered together in the hub and were asked to spend the next two days responding to a brief written by Danielle Pender, editor in chief and founder of Riposte magazine. The brief asked the group to react to the trend of “realness” (craft beer, bake offs, brand heritage) and create a product, service, experience or brand that suggests what the future holds. Challenging though it was, everyone got stuck in with the help of some fantastic mentors giving them guidance where needed. This year the mentors were Freytag Anderson, Touch, MadeBrave, O Street, Graphical House, Kerr Vernon, JamHot, Tangent, Recoat, STV Creative and D8 who each presented themselves and their studio work to start the day off. Each mentor looked after a group of participants who were given the option of working alone or with others. By the end of the first day the Lighthouse was filled with scribbled-on pieces of paper and empty coffee cups, thousands of ideas had been thrown around and most left with a clear plan of how they were going to visualise their thinking the next day.

Looking forward to seeing the projects tomorrow and thanks again to On Top for their on point music and VJing!














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