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Conference & Panel Discussion

  5 distinct voices within the visual communications industry introduced themselves and highlights from their work before discussing the future of graphic design together through a panel discussion facilitated by Rob Alderson. Speaking and participating on the panel, we welcomed Colophon, The Rodina, HelloMe, Kate & Studio Moross and People of Print. The variety of subjects and areas discussed in […]

2-Day Workshop: It’s Nice That & Charlie Doran – Loop the Loop

  “LOOP THE LOOP” was a two-day workshop experimenting with loops and GIFs—all to be used as part of a live audio/visual performance party at the festival. The workshop focused on combining analogue methods of making, such as collage and stop-frame animation, with digital methods of processing such as camera phone apps and glitching — […]

2-Day Workshop: The Rodina – Playbour

  “The borders between play and labour are disappearing. Work, time and leisure have become unified in one never-ending shift. This is especially articulated through our networked presence in multiinternet reality. Every hour of our play, minute of entertainment and megabyte of shared data generates profit. This realm of the lost division between labour and […]

2-Day Workshop: HelloMe – The Black Square

  A workshop on the power of simplicity and the beauty of an idea. Starting with Kasimir Malewitsch’s revolutionary painting “Black Square” (1915) HelloMe and their workshop team investigated the endless formal and creative possibilites of the square to create new meaning and surprising visual languages. Each participant explored the form independently before selecting their strongest idea […]

2-Day Workshop: Colophon – Type Design from Research to Production

  Colophon introduced their workshop team to the process of type design, from research stages through to the creation of a usable font. With the surrounding area of Glasgow acting as their starting point, participants developed a custom typeface or lettering based upon their findings and evidence. The workshop involved research, writing, the creation of participant’s own font/lettering […]

2-Day Workshop: Studio Moross – Rotoscoping

During Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2015, Studio Moross led a 2–day workshop with 20 participants from across the world. The result was a collaborative animated music video for Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. *The video has been taken down. Sorry!*   Studio Moross: Photographs by Gordon Burniston.     We spoke to Kate, Olly and Linus about […]

GDFS X It’s Nice That: Live Visual Performance

  Partnering with the creative titans over at It’s Nice That, we brought you a night of live visual performance and ambient sets from 12th Isle and Handpicked. Karl Toomey and Jamie McIntyre from It’s Nice That/INT Works, VJ and animator, Charlie Doran and their full workshop team VJ’d, remixed and manipulated a body of visual work live — an extension of […]

International Poster Exhibition 2015

  An exhibition celebrating the art of poster design. We run an annual International Poster Competition and with the help of an internationally renowned panel, we curate a shortlist to be showcased in an exhibition. The competition received 3432 entries from 83 countries between June and August 2015 and was judged by Warriors Studio, Tony […]

Roadliners Premiere

On a Tuesday evening at GDFS 2015, we showcased Roadliners, a short documentary film produced and art-directed by O Street and Pretend Lovers. Roadliners documents the unnoticed art of painting lines and type on roads and the film follows Glasgow local Tam and his roadlining crew as they lay down lines and letters by hand. “Born from a shared appreciation for these uncelebrated typographers-of-the-road and […]

Impact By Design

Proudly partnering with Design in Action for GDFS 2015, we hosted an evening of exploration and discovery which aimed to un-pick the true value of design. The event was kindly sponsored by Beer 52, a company successfully launched through Design in Action’s Chiasma scheme. DJing on the evening was provided by up-and-coming promoter, Tropical. The evening talks were led by two […]

Exhibition: Off Grid

For the 2015 programme, Warriors Studio curated a selection of up-and-coming artists and designers to exhibit work:   “To question the definition of contemporary graphic design and celebrate the diverse, multi-disciplinary direction the practice is moving in, we brought artists and designers together to showcase their work in a group exhibition. The artists, designers, makers […]

1-Day Workshop: Recoat X Harvest – On the Corner

  20 participants were brought together to draw, explore and experiment while creating a collaborative mural in the great Glasgow outdoors across 18 street-level shutters to help regenerate community-based centre On the Corner.   Recoat: Harvest:   Photographs by Gordon Burniston.     Jamie Johnson, one of the founders of Harvest Skateboards and Amy Whiten […]

1-Day Workshop: STV Creative – Trumpet Goggles

As always STV Creative went all out for their 1-Day workshop. Their 20 participants were split into four teams. The four teams were then presented with an assortment of objects which they were challenged to combine and create some sort of fictional product, as ridiculous as you like! The Hellmet, CuppaCap, Yellcam and the Alarmp […]

1-Day Workshop: Workhorse Press – Riso Intro

Workhorse Press is a Risograph based design & print studio based in Edinburgh, setup in 2010 by illustrator Dominic Kesterton & designer Orlando Lloyd. Working with a variety of cultural organisations and clients to product highly finished printed outcomes, the studio’s practice revolves around combining skills of Design, Illustration & Risograph printing together to create […]

1-Day Workshop: CodeBase – How to Build a Simple Website in 1 Day

CodeBase is the largest technology incubator in the UK and one of the fastest growing in Europe, and believe it or not, they’re Edinburgh based, so there’s nobody better we could think of to introduce our festival goers to the world of web development. Led by Diego Herrera, each participant created their own portfolio website. […]

Curated Music 2015

  As if a 7 day programme of workshops, talks, exhibitions, competitions, and murals wasn’t enough, we invited 7 record labels and promoters to curate music at the festival alongside each event. Music is such an important aspect of GDFS. It helps everyone relax, it brings people together, it builds up energy, it can set the mood and it […]

Live 2-Day Project 2015

Through our Live 2-Day Project, up-and-coming designers respond to an open design-led brief over 2 days with mentorship from leading creative agencies before a shortlisted group present their ideas to an internationally renowned jury in the battle for ‘GDFS best up-and-coming’ award! Taking place in The Lighthouse, 120 participants gathered together in the hub before spending the next two […]

Exhibition: THYPE

#THYPE is an interdisciplinary exhibition of artists and designers who explore letterforms through their work. In collaboration with Recoat Featuring work from: ROID MSK Greg La Marche (NYC) Maya Wild Elph Ciaran Glöbel Erin Bradley-Scott Joshua Barr Kat Loudon Pamela Tait Alice Rooney Fist 10th – 25th October 2015 12-6pm Exhibition Opening Friday 9th October 2015 […]

2–Day Workshop: OK–RM – Making Books Move

This is PART 2 in a series of workshops by OK-RM, conceived to stimulate the impulsive production of ideas through a series of EXERCISES. The key is to think and react immediately. The EXERCISES are intended to engage a range of skills critical to the practice of graphic design. Exercises and will touch on conceptual […]

2-Day Workshop: Kesselskramer, Freddy Taylor – Do2

Freddy Taylor of Kesselskramer ran a product design-based workshop as an extension of Kesselskramer’s Do project. This involved the creation of products, which only become complete through user interaction. The most famous example of these is a steel ‘chair’ which is sold as a steel cube and a sledgehammer. The user creates their own unique chair by hitting and denting […]

2-Day Workshop: HORT – Comic Book Publication

Over the course of 2 days, Eike König of HORT introduced his group to the importance of narrative. Each participant was invited to share a memory or distinct story from their past. Once each memory was shared, the story had to be recreated visually by hand. These visuals then became the base content for a storyboard, […]

2-Day Workshop: 44 Flavours – Collaborative Construction

44 Flavours 2-Day workshop looked at intuition-led process within a collaborative environment, resulting in a large-scale public sculpture of layered colours, hand-cut shapes and forms. The sculpture was then installed by the group within Glasgow Sculpture studios with the Glasgow skyline as a backdrop before a celebratory dance was performed around the piece.   44 Flavours:  

Curated Music 2014

Alongside of the workshops, talks, exhibitions, competitions, and murals, we invited 5 record labels and promoters to curate 5 days of music at the festival. Each invited a selection of guests to come and play records in the space for a day to create an ambient soundtrack to the event. We wanted to create a cross disciplinary […]

Visuals: Julia Stringer

To accompany a social evening of drinks following the workshops at GDFS 2014, we invited Swedish artist/designer Julia Stringer to create a body of visual work in response to music which would be played. The visuals provided a strong focal point for the space and helped us build a stimulating and exciting environment. You can […]

International Poster Exhibition 2014

Through our International Poster Competition, launched between June and August 2014, we received almost three thousand entries from more than thirty countries. These submissions were judged and a final 100 curated for exhibition by Warriors Studio, Felix Pfäffli (Weltformat), Pierre Vanni and Morgan Fortems (My Monkey). Posters offer a universal platform for communication and have […]

Informal Talks Evening

An evening of music, drinks and short informal talks from Eike Konig/HORT (Berlin), Freddy Taylor of Kesselskramer (Amsterdam & London), Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle of 44 Flavours (Berlin) and Oliver Knight of OK–RM (London). Music courtesy of So Weit So Gut, Handpicked and The Dissolving Dancefloor.

1-Day Workshop: 44 Flavours – Jumping Jacks

Within one day, each participant developed the idea of, and physically created an abstract jumping jack. “Abstract? Yes! Not a typical jumping jack, but more some kind of sculptural/contemporary jumping jack, that plays with colors and forms. A jumping jack, that gives the viewer the opportunity to interact, so there should be the option to pull on somewhere, to push something, that makes parts of […]

1-Day Workshop: STV Creative – An Exquisite Corpse

STV Creative crafted an incredibly action-packed rollercoaster of a workshop into one day. The workshop participants were introduced to motion graphics, animation and various filming techniques while they created a typographic film/animation of the festival acronym GDFS, tackling both the feature frames and the transitions between letters. The workshop participants were divided into three groups. Each group […]

1-Day Workshop: Risotto – Ltd Ed Prints

Glasgow-based Risotto, introduced the process of risograph printing. The printer, somewhere between a tower photocopier and a screen-printing bed allows multiple prints to be created quickly but with the aesthetics and finish of a screen print. Colours can be layered up and incredible results achieved through overlaying and combining textures and block colours. Each participant […]

1-Day Workshop: Recoat X Harvest – Inside/Outside

Recoat is a Glasgow-based Arts Organisation made up of artist duo, Amy Whiten and Ali Wyllie. Recoat started out as a gallery in 2007 but has evolved and grown so that they now specialise in curating mural projects, exhibitions and education programmes in the field of Contemporary Urban Art. Harvest is a skateboard brand and platform […]

Live 2-Day Project 2014

The Live 2-Day Project involves 2 days of intense productivity, in a large, open-plan, high-energy environment, with all participants, working on the same brief individually, with mentoring, creative direction and one-to-one advice from eight of Scotland’s top creative studios: Freytag Anderson, Graphical House, MadeBrave, O Street, Recoat, Risotto, STV Creative and Touch. Participants then presented their work to the mentors, who shortlisted the two strongest […]